4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

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4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby Gaby » Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:04 am

Dear Ticwatch users,

After receiving many feedbacks and comments from you guys, we have been able to move forward - 4.8.0 stable version is now available! New features and improvements listed below have been added in 4.8.0. version. As our Android ticwear app is currently under review, it may take a while to be availabe in GooglePlay. Meanwhile, 4.8.0 update is released in batches(randomly selected) and you will be notified soon.

New features:
1. New gesture - Knock the watch case twice to play next song.
2. New Fitness app - Improved features with fresh design. Now it's time to move your feet and do some workout!
3. New Health app - With compelling design and new three dimensions(Exercise, Active hours, Steps), Ticwatch helps better track your progress and keep health in control.
4. New Standalone Mobvoi Store - You can download apps directly from Ticwatch and the limitation of phone OS is now a history.

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed battery drain issue after pausing the fitness mode.
2. Changed the average speed unit from miles per hour to MPH in the imperial system.
Last but not least, please join me to give a big round of applause for people who have participated in this process. active users, engineers, testers, product managers, BD team, etc.Thank you guys! Let's keep this rolling!


Mobvoi Team
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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby bitflung » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:59 pm

been loving the improvements in the 4.8.1 beta and glad to hear that stable OS users will see these improvements now too :)
good work mobvoi team!

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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby sustah » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:46 pm

I think you guys were a bit too fast with putting this into stable version. I installed it back from 4.8.1 BETA which was working a lot better then this stable version in which, unfortunately, I am having a lot of problems.

First of all, I changed from beta to stable, installed 4.8.0 stable firmware, installed stable version of iOS app, factory reset watch and got stuck on syncing screen where watch restarted every time somewhere between syncing/paring process. I deleted everything from bluetooth device list on my phone, deleted app from phone, reinstalled it, rebooted phone, factory reset watch many times with no luck. Also made factory reset of the watch with deleting all data, which also did not help. Then I tried to pair with Android phone and it worked in first try, but because I have selected "New Watch" all my backups were lost, all workouts history, everything. I factory reset watch again and after that it paired with iPhone, where there was also no restore from backup option anymore and now the watch is dropping bluetooth connection all the time, which was not happening for me on 4.6.0 stable nor 4.8.0 beta and 4.8.1 beta.

On workouts GPS locking is not working for me anymore, rebooted watch a couple of times, factory reset it, still no luck, I was testing on an open area outside, waiting until the blue circle was all around the watch but nothing. Following that my workout tracking is inaccurate again, there is straight line from point A to point B instead of GPS tracking. I have also noticed that running pace calculated is now different in watch fitness app comparing to synced data on iOS app. Example: for same workout on watch its 6:00 min/km, on phone its showing 5:37 min/km. That also did not happen on beta 4.8.1 for me.

Double knock is also not working for me during the run at all - if I double knock during run nothing happens , then when I stop running and the watch is still songs are getting skipped. It is working sometimes if I am standing/sitting still. But it is behaving strangely - sometimes when I double knock nothing happens, then I try again and again and still nothing, and then after a minute or two three songs gets skipped.

Also battery life is much worse then it was on 4.8.1 BETA for me. And also iOS app is using much more battery on my phone then before or then beta iOS app.

The only thing that is actually working better then in BETA version is syncing Steps to Apple Health. That was not working on BETA for me at all and it is working now.

After whole day of factory resetting I am pretty disappointed, especially because of losing all my data and workout history. :(

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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby Kingsley » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:24 am

Will we have the WeChat in the app store in the future?

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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby rwijnbelt » Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:27 pm

anyone else notice a severe battery drain problem after the OTA? I am losing 25% in 30-60 minutes?

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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby dbornyk » Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:08 am

So far so good on the update. Installed about 4 hours ago. Battery running well, new apps look good. Only odd thing I noticed is the Watch Face App is Blank. It displays nothing!

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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby hansvanthag » Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:43 pm

Also had issues with gps not wanting to lock, did a watch reboot and then it locked after a few minutes wheras before (4.6) it would lock in appr 30 seconds

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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby ghosttrial » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:48 am

Hi. I've just update my watch to version 4.8.0. It still work fine. But I can't find mobvoi store anywhere in the watch or the companion application. Any guide?

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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby vilmantas » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:34 am

After the upgrade, not only to perform a Factory Restore, lost all the data, and now even iOS apps stopped working ... for five jointly carried out all over again and do nothing, catastrophe ... Maybe someone can advise how to revert to the previous version?

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Re: 4.8.0 Stable version OTA Announcement-2017/3/15

Postby sustah » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:16 am


I have observed a couple of things regarding Apple Health sync in 4.8.0.

When I measure my Heart rate in the Heart Rate app it is not synced to Apple Health.

If I do not have tracked workouts with Fitness App, Active Energy and Walking+Running Distance is not synced to Apple Health, which should also be synced even if there is no workouts tracked, at least Active Energy, but I think Distance calculated from steps too, other apps do sync that.

Other then that GPS locking started to work after two days for me again :) But the pace per KM for workouts is still showing different values on Watch APP compared to iOS App - the one on the watch seems to be correc. For example, I ran 3.24 KM in 21:52 minutes. That means it took me an average 404.9 seconds per KM, which is 6 minutes and 45 seconds. On watch the Fitness app is showing 6:44, but in the iOS App average pace is 6:27 for this same workout.


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