Ticwatch release version upgrade log

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Ticwatch release version upgrade log

Postby qiangzhang » Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:36 am

Hello everyone,

Here is the Ticwatch firmware upgrade logs:

1. 20161118, 4.4.0_intl,
1.1. Improved functionality of cloud-based watch face download, dialer and player apps.
1.2. Fitness: fixed some bugs related to speed calculation and GPS tracking.
1.3. Bluetooth connectivity: improved compatibility with iOS10.
1.4. Added voice based calculator function.
1.5. Added next four days calendar events besides current day events.
1.6. Fixed wrong time format (12/24 hour) of some watch faces .
1.7. Improved speed and efficiency of voice recognition.

2. 20161123, 4.4.1_intl, 1.Fixed display problem in weather app.

3. 20161216, 4.4.2_intl, 1.Improved connectivity between Ticwatch and iOS devices.

4. 20170105, 4.5.0_intl,
4.1. Ticwatch can exit power saving mode automatically after full-charge.
4.2. Ticwatch can switch between Beta Version and Stable Version.
4.3. Timer function optimization.
4.4. Added a new Wi-Fi password keyboard on Ticwatch.

5. 20170123, 4.5.1_intl,
5.1. Added Find your watch feature on Ticwatch.
5.2. Added Traditional Chinese language and voice services.
5.3. Fixed unresponsiveness issue in the voice recognition page when first enter to use voice search.

6. 20170215, 4.6.0_intl,
New features:
1.Added watch face app in app list.
2.Added screenshot function to the menu triggered by long pressing the watch crown.
3.Added scheduled DND (Do not disturb) function for users to schudule time to enter/exit DND mode automatically.
1.Improved sensitivity and accuracy for tilt to light up.
2.Improved calender event display and reminder for deleting events.
Bug fixes:
1.Fixed time lock up when charging the watch under power saving mode.
2.Fixed the problem to send SMS in dialer app (android).
3. Fixed the error of sending message via voice that the message was sent after clicked cancel.
4.Fixed the error of the ""Digital"" watch face weather icon, which did not show up when the screen lighted up.

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Re: Ticwatch release version upgrade log

Postby tically-tic » Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:59 am

Can somebody pin this on top, please? And, also, update it as updates happen?

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Re: Ticwatch release version upgrade log

Postby Arshidrahman6 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:51 am

Hi i just bought my ticwatch 2. Can you please tell me when are you going to update the reply to notification option for ios. I am using it with iphone.

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Re: Ticwatch release version upgrade log

Postby Gaby » Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:04 am

Arshidrahman6 wrote:Hi i just bought my ticwatch 2. Can you please tell me when are you going to update the reply to notification option for ios. I am using it with iphone.

Hi, thanks for choosing Ticwatch! We here at Mobvoi is keeping developing more features for our users in using Ticwatch 2. We'll keep you posted for any progress.

And the new latest beta version 4.8.0 has been pushed with some new features:
1. New gesture - Knock the watch case twice to shuffle songs.(by settings-guesture,enable double knock)
2. New Fitness app - Improved features with fresh design. Now it’s time to move your feet and do some workout.
3. New Health app - With compelling design and new three dimensions(Exercise, Active hours, Steps), Ticwatch helps better track your progress and keep health in control.
4. New Standalone Mobvoi Store - You can download apps directly from Ticwatch and the limitation of phone OS is now a history.

You can get this version by settings-update-version switch.

The stable version will be pushed in a few weeks.

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